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Supernatural S6 Premiere Has a Date!

Posted by riotgirl77 on 2010.07.01 at 01:41
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It is..*drumroll*


The schedule for other CW shows can be found here.

Joe Jonas: Beyonce Bitch Please

Intro Post!

Posted by emo_dj_steph on 2010.06.22 at 21:22
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Name: Steph
Location: Queens, NY
Age: 21
When was the first time you realized you luuuuv Supernatural: Before I even watched it, I RPed with a girl that played Dean and I loved her character and his background so much, I knew I had to watch the show. I watched some scenes on YouTube and fell in love before even watching the pilot
Dean or Sam?: I'm a die-hard Dean girl and that won't change
Character you can't stand: Ruby 2.0
Fave brotherly moment: In Dark Side of the Moon, when Dean confronts Sam about his heaven. "We're supposed to be a team. It's supposed to be you and me against the world, right?" "Dean, it is." "Is it?"
Fave music moment: 'Renegade' from Nightshifter. I looooove that scene. Also Dean and Sam singing 'Dead or Alive'
Fave graphic gross or scary scene: All of On The Head Of A Pin with Dean torturing Alistair
Fave episode(s): Pilot, In The End, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Yellow Fever
Least fave episode(s): Route 666, Ghostfacers and Monster Movie

NJcon 2013 J2 Photo Op

J2 & East Coast Cons

Posted by strgazr04 on 2010.06.04 at 01:46
Hey guys. I know I've brought this up before, but I am helping @spnwrld on twitter run a petition to get J2 to an east coast con. Thank you to all those who have signed the petition - We now have 120 signatures!

Recently I talked to some other people involved in running cons and they suggested bringing a sign-up sheet to the NJ con this July and ask people who want J2 to come to a future con nearby to sign their name and list their badge/seat #. Basically this shows that current con-goers would be interested in such an event with J2. They said we'd need 500 signatures.

So I am posing this to you all. I am thinking of working on this project and printing up a letterhead to bring to the con. Would those coming to NJcon be willing to sign? I don't want to offend or solicit over this and make waves but I think there are a lot of us who are really interested and invested in this idea.

I'm open to any feedback. I want this to be as civil as possible so that it runs smoothly and doesn't interfere with the goings-on of the convention or anyone's enjoyment of the event. Any of you Misha Minions who have been awesome at getting word out, I could use any help you can offer.

Thanks so much guys and here's to bringing Jared and Jensen to the Atlantic coast!


"Supernatural" on a NEW Night and Time

Posted by riotgirl77 on 2010.05.20 at 12:28
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Looks like we'll be having our premiere party on a Friday night

The CW Schedule 2010-2011.



Season Finale Viewing Party & OT: NYCC 3 Day Ticket Price

Posted by riotgirl77 on 2010.05.15 at 01:46
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Just wanted to give much thanks to all who came out last night! It was a success (no incident this time) and very exhausting (didn't get any sleep at all because of the ending lol).

MUCH THANKS to katharwen for helping/promoting the get-together...and the company :)

BTW the ticket price for a 3 day ticket for NYCC '10 increases after May 15th. More info can be found here. Just wanted to pass it on :)

NJcon 2013 J2 Photo Op

Help Us Bring J2 To the East Coast Con!

Posted by strgazr04 on 2010.05.14 at 23:27
CLICK HERE! It'll only take a moment of your time!


Meet-Up This Sunday!

Posted by riotgirl77 on 2010.04.27 at 01:57
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Hey guys we're having a meet-up this Sunday. Feel free to come on out if you want meet any spn_nyc members (if you're a newbie :))

When: May 2 Sunday 3PM
Where: Professor Thom's 219 2nd Ave. (E14th St. & 2nd Ave.) near Union Square.

It's a 21+ establishment and they do card at the door. Please let me know if this may be problem, so we can decide on another place.

If you're interested in coming, please leave a comment. BTW I'm Lauren. if you have any questions feel free to contact me xplsnfan at gmail dot com.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. katharwen, don't do a tab again lol.

[ASOIAF] Sansa faceless.

O hi!

Posted by dramaturgy on 2010.04.17 at 15:58
Name: Liz
Location: Stony Brook, NY (Long Island). I'm attending the university as an MFA.
Age: 24.
When was the first time you realized you luuuuv Supernatural: I was in a large amount of like up until "Home." That was the first episode that made me teary.
Dean or Sam?: Castiel. >_> It's really hard to choose! In general I am a Sam girl, but I am a sucker for Jared's big brown eyes.
Character you can't stand: Gordon. I get that he served his purpose, but man, what a douchebag.
Fave brotherly moment: Their reuniting after Dean returned from Hell. :( Just the hug was. Great.
Fave music moment: I love the recaps at the end of every season set to "Carry On My Wayward Son." But a very close second is probably the Impala's reentrance to "Back in Black" is a close second.
Fave graphic gross or scary scene: I am fond of the blood spray. The scene where the ghouls are getting ready to nom on Sam in "Jump the Shark" makes me cringe in such a good way, but in the "I Can't Watch But OH MY GOD WHAT IS HE DOING" category, the winner has to be pulling out the fingernails in "A Very Supernatural Christmas."
Fave episode(s): The Rapture, On the Head of a Pin, Heart, The Song Remains the Same, Heaven and Hell, Devil's Trap, Changing Channels... this list could go on.
Least fave episode(s): In general I love the episodes, but there are a few that I can take or leave: Bugs, Swap Meat, The Benders, Family Remains, Criss Angel is a Douchebag.


NYC SPN Meetup Group.

Posted by waitwait_what on 2010.04.07 at 22:28
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 Hello All:

[if this is not an allowable post, please delete]

My name is Jes and I started the NYC "Supernatural" TV Show Viewing Party Meetup Group just a few weeks ago. I love this crazy awesome show so much, and with a 6th season [hoo-yah!] coming, I wanted to stop enjoying the show in a bubble and meet other NY-ers who are into this show as much as I am. So, I started a Meetup Group. As much as I'm all over el-jay, I had no idea that your wonderful community existed. [I must admit I was probably distracted by all of the slash ;) ]

The group I started has some great SPN-loving members and we are really starting to get off the ground. Now that I have found this community, I wanted to personally invite all of you to join us. We have similar SPN-appreciating goals and with more numbers we can book rooms and really get together and watch the show as a group on Thursday nights.

You can visit the group here: www.meetup.com/NYC-SPNViewingParty/ 

As of now, since we haven't found a space to hold Thursday night viewing parties, we meet on Fridays to dish about the show. We are having our 3rd meetup this Friday at 7pm at Mad Hatters in Manhattan. We are, also, having our first SPN faves marathon this Saturday from 11am to 4pm at the Brooklyn Public Library in Brooklyn Heights.

I hope as many of you that are able, will join us. Check out the site and see the upcoming meetups. Feel free to join the group, suggest meetup ideas, and jump into the fray. Thanks so much for your time and Happy Hunting!


This Type of Marketing Should've Been Done at Wash. Sq. Park

Posted by riotgirl77 on 2010.02.09 at 02:44
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They should've done this at the Arch (or whatever its called I don't know lol) at Washington Sq. Park in NYC.

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